Compliance & Security

With PSB*MARS as your partner, you will be protected by our unwavering and constant attention to protecting your reputation, integrity, and compliance. We have an ACA certified Credit and Collection Compliance Officer, top level IT team, and developers that are dedicated to the highest standards of practice in the industry. 

We are constantly utilizing the best-in-class software, are Soc 2 Type II certified, and utilize tools to secure our client data in our daily operations that provide your organization with the confidence that we are protecting you.

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Complete Security

PSB*MARS utilizes the Artiva HC & RM platforms from Ontario Systems, a certified SOC II Type 2 software across our network. Artiva provides an unparalleled workflow design, automation, and features that allow PSB*MARS to adapt to the requirements of our partners and industry regulations. This includes an integrated contact platform that utilizes artificial intelligence, propensity dynamics, and ensures compliance, protecting our partners and PSB*MARS. PSB*MARS utilizes a full-time Director of Data Network and Integrity that ensures a best in class data management experience for our partners. 

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PSB*MARS is licensed and registered in all 50 states to work on behalf of our clients. Whether your accounts are in the rural areas or metropolitan populations, PSB*MARS is there to help and legally pursue your interests. With over 14%* of the population on the move to different areas of the country, expected to be growing significantly in the coming years, having a partner that can find and address these challenges is critical.

Team ensuring compliance and security


  • CFPB Compliant
  • TCPA Compliant
  • PCI Compliant
  • GLBA Complaint
  • UDAAP Compliant
  • ACA certified Credit and Collection Compliance Officer
Computer Security and Locks


  • Soc 2 Type II Software systems
  • Soc 2 Type II Organization Certification
  • 100% Call Recording
  • Encrypted Data
  • SFTP of all File Exchange
  • Facility Swipe Card & Entry Codes Access
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  • Security and Compliance Training
  • Call Performance Enhancement
  • Extensive New Hire Training Program
  • Call Recording Access
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Scoring
  • Average Tenure of team members is exceptional with continued experience providing outstanding results