Presumptive Charity

PSB*MARS Presumptive Charity Scoring Model, that we customize to your organizational needs, is an effective solution to meet internal write-off requirements, while providing a community service through forgiving account balances for those in financial distress.

Employee reviewing internal documents
Help with meeting internal write-off requirements

Evaluation is customized to your community, based on data points including:

  • Available Household Income
  • Household Size
  • Capacity to Make Payment
  • “Over-Extension”
Help your organization show reasonable efforts requirement
  • Help align to 501r regulations
  • Solves the challenge of the patient understanding the application process and then asking for assistance
  • PSB*MARS can either facilitate direct communication to patient on your organization’s behalf or provide data to your organization   
Cloud filled with information
Charity and Probability mixed with Community
  • Analyze Federal Poverty Guideline data
  • Utilize socioeconomic data from numerous sources
  • Determine community income levels
  • Customized reporting to your organization’s charity policy
Using the PSB*MARS website on a tablet

PSB*MARS has developed standards that have been evaluated and utilized to provide comprehensive best practices. We utilize multiple Federal data points and probability models.

Developing a “Most Likely Payers” to the “Least Likely Payers” scoring model, utilizing data points, your community knowledge, and our experience has made significant impact for multiple partners.