Revenue Cycle Management

Customized services for your community needs and policies, while working within your system.

Graphic showing the process of Revenue Cycle Management
Experience to work within your organization’s systems
  • Epic                      
  • Cerner 
  • Meditech
  • McKesson Paragon
  • Healthland 

  • CPSI 
  • HMS
  • eCW 
  • Healthquest
  • Multiple others

Experience with your ERM system
Experience working within your system gives our partners the confidence that we are able to:
  • Process and review claims after coding, which will subsequently ensure clean claims with DAILY review and correcting clearinghouse edits and rejections
  • Clean claim re-submission. Most importantly, with no claims on file with payer
  • Stat follow-up, which will ensure claims are in process
  • Resolving backlog and forward flow denials (Learn more about Denial Management)
Collection graphs and computers
Partnership enables the ability to find trends in:
  • Identifying potential Charge Master issues
  • Registration Process Improvement
  • System claim processing/file exchange challenges
  • Biller training opportunities
  • Coding challenges
  • Coordination of medical records/Coordination of benefits opportunities
  • Eligibility challenges

Denial Management
Denial Management
  • Customizable Denial Management Workflow
  • Experienced Denial Management Personnel
  • Focus is on resolution via payment, rather than adjustment
  • Denials are grouped for efficiency with a Denial Management Specialist
  • Denial trends & resolutions communication is relayed to lower denial rates
  • Review EOB to determine Denial Reason and appropriate resolution response
  • Re-Bill, Recommendation to amend Coding, or Appeal Further
  • Submit an appeal appropriate to fit within the denial reason process
PSB*MARS employees following up with insurance providers
Insurance Follow Up

With the ability to integrate into Epic, Cerner, Meditech, McKesson Paragon, Healthland, CPSI, HMS, eCW, Healthquest, along with multiple others, PSB*MARS will be able to:

  • Appeal all denied claims where appropriate
  • Status Check All Assigned Unpaid Claims to verify in Process
  • Re-Bill unpaid claims where appropriate
  • Determine Eligibility and Recommend for Self-Pay effort if none exists
  • All appeals and rebilling will be done within host system until all claims have been exhausted
  • Re-create documents in the future for Audit purposes
  • Real-Time system update
  • Electronic claims resubmission where applicable
  • No need for placement of claims, redirect and optimize your staff’s talent
  • Appeal or send medical records for denials when necessary
Online Claims Processing
Claims Processing

Experienced Revenue Cycle Management staff will process each individual claim and determine steps needed for resolution for your organization such as:

  • Contact appropriate 3rd party to determine eligibility if needed
  • Review claims/EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from via your system
  • Re-Bill and submit corrected claims
  • Follow-Up every 30 days with the 3rd party payor until the claim is resolved
Increased Revenue Graph
Establish Residual Self-Pay Balances

Post claim adjudication combines statement processing and patient follow up.

  • Send or queue statements on all Self Pay patients
  • Place phone calls on open balances
  • Follow best practice self pay collection processes or adapt to your organization’s needs
  • Assist with any 3rd party billing when an insurance has not been processed
  • Offer financial assistance when applicable/available
  • Recommend for 3rd party collections when necessary. As the MARS division handles all Extended Business office services, we have the ability to send your accounts to our 3rd party Collections Division, PSB. PSB*MARS functions as two wholly separate divisions, ensuring all efforts have been exhausted within the MARS umbrella of services and effort.

Meet with PSB*MARS!

PSB*MARS provides Extended Business Office & 3rd Party Collection services. We have and continue to serve the Healthcare, Student Loan, and Utility markets for over 48 years. A next level partnership experience is something we are proud of and strive every day to provide. We have multiple partnerships over a decade long, and our longest partner has been with us for over 40 years!